Biophilic Design And Interior Tiles

Biophilic design is quickly becoming one of the most popular interior trends of the moment. The design approach emerged as an architectural style that sought to address the issue of human disconnection from nature in an increasingly artificial world. Inspired by the idea that people need closeness and connection to nature for optimal mental and physical wellness, the style seeks to make interior spaces blend seamlessly with the natural, outdoor space around them.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a surge in searches for biophilic designs alongside a general trend toward increasing awareness about mental health and overall wellness. As people spend more time at home, many are revamping their space with the soothing benefits of these natural features. While plants are understandably the first thing most people think of when considering how to transform their space into a serene, natural abode, adding elements like waterfalls or fountains, natural colors, natural materials, and incorporating lots of sunlight go a long way in completing the look. Let’s look in more detail at what is needed to complete the look.

Plants are important, and especially lots of greenery. You’ll often see a lot of plush, vibrant pants in a biophilic space because they’re a natural and beautiful addition to a home. But they can be good for more than just decoration. Snake plants, for example, are known to purify the air in an indoor space. Taking care to pick your plants with intention can really optimize the benefits that you see with a biophilic design.

It’s also important to consider the colors and materials that you’re incorporating when cultivating this kind of space. Because the emphasis is on nature and the goal is not to clash with the natural elements of the environment around you, too much unnatural color and artificial material could potentially take away from the effectiveness of the biophilic intention, not to mention reducing the environmental benefits that it offers. Natural materials are often also less sensitive to damage from the water and sunlight, too, so that’s an added bonus. Terracotta flooring is a perfect option for its color options and material properties. It’s water and stain resistant, making it a safer surface for indoor plants that will be watered regularly. It’s also made of clays in various shades of earthy reds/ browns, which can add some color and vibrance without disrupting the natural aesthetic.

Lots of natural light is another component, because of the health and mood benefits of plenty of sun, and because many of your indoor plants will likely need it. If a move or a larger home project is not on your agenda, then this might be something that you have less control over. But if you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny home or have an area of your home that’s nice and bright, take advantage!

And once you’ve incorporated all your natural elements to your space, you can relax and enjoy all the mental and physical benefits you’ve created for yourself!

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