Commercial Floor Tiles

Our Commercial Floor Tiles combines aesthetics with functionality. Our superior design allows for a perfect finish that will withstand frequent use and harsh weather conditions. These all natural, authentic terracotta tiles are incredibly durable and are ideal for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications!

All our beautiful, authentic quarry tiles are available in large and small orders!

Examples of Commercial Floor Tiles

Here are some photos of TerraTile projects our customers have sent us over the years!

Fine Clay Floor Tile

Fine Clay Outdoor Tile

Slip Resistant

Slip Resistant

Fade Proof

Indoor & Outdoor


Incredibly Durable

Color Options

Multiple Colors

Chemical Resistant

Repels Chemicals

TerraTile Design and Size Options

Our tiles come in a wide variety of styles, designs and sizes! We ship Nationwide and accept large and small orders.  These tiles are perfect for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. The Tough, Unglazed, Slip Resistant, Natural Surfaces allow for easy cleaning and maintenance!

TerraTile Clay Floor Tile

We want to thank our community so much for supporting us during this difficult time.  We want to ensure you we are making every effort to make our warehouse as clean as possible during this pandemic.  All employees wear facemasks whenever inside the warehouse and all surfaces are constantly wiped clean.  Sanitization and cleanliness are among our top priorities.

We strive to be the tile provider of choice in California and we take pride in our customer service!  When you arrive to our contact us, you can expect a warm greeting and useful information about the project your working on. 

We are truly blessed to have some of the best employees in the country and appreciate your business!

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