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How To Use Terracotta Tile To Create Your Desired Aesthetic

Whether you’re designing a commercial business property, a public architectural landscaping project, or your very own backyard, terracotta tile can be an excellent tool to help you curate your desired look. The unique blend of natural, earthy tones and finished lines in these geometric tiles make them a very versatile flooring option, whether you’re looking to create a traditional layout or something a little more modern.

A classic way of using terracotta tile is in a traditional, rustic and charming design. While a patio or backyard is a very fitting place to put these tiles, incorporating them in your indoor layout is a perfect way to bring in some color and a comfortable, natural feel. Sticking to browns and natural reds with the decor and bringing in some wood detailing can create a rugged look, and if you’re going for something more creative and spirited, you can add lots of plants, light walls, and plenty of texture to create a biophilic style room.

TerraTile terracotta tile is a particularly good choice in a biophilic room design, whether in a home or somewhere like a coffee shop or commercial property, because it is extremely water resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry too much about the water damage from plant watering. Whichever traditional style you may be thinking about, the earthy terracotta shades are a great base to a cozy colorway.

One final note about creating traditional looks with terracotta tile- using a wider grout line is a small detail that really finishes your desired look. Thin grout lines, on the other hand, will look more modern, and there are plenty of other things you can do with the space to get a modern look with terracotta floors.

Though terracotta is typically associated more with those traditional styles, the clean edges, smooth surface, and uniformity of our tiles can also make for a really interesting geometric look, which is why they can also be a great compliment to some more modern styles.  The diagonal placement of the tiles on these stairs creates a unique arrangement, particularly because of the contrasting lines of the tiles against the stairs.

Playing around with the lines in the tile and the  natural lines of your design is a great way to add a unique touch to your space. Sticking mostly to this natural red shade within your project to create a monochromatic look can also give your project a modern feel. And if you use a slightly more lively color to do this with than whites, blacks or grays, you can really put your own spin on it and add some boldness to the style.

The natural finish can make an excellent base for a minimalist room, too, which you can achieve with simple lines and, obviously, a more bare and open layout. With a larger space, by maintaining clean lines and adding in some wood or metal detailing, the tiles can even be quite the compliment to an industrial aesthetic.

TerraTile terracotta tiles are great for both indoor and outdoor projects that require a highly durable, easy to maintain flooring option, and their versatility makes them adaptable to numerous different aesthetics that you may have in mind.


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