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TerraTile specializes in high quality quarry tile.

These tiles are unglazed, homogeneous, and extruded.

Rugged natural beauty with superior technical characteristics.

Our tiles have a water absorption rating of less than seven percent, meet industry standards for resistance to chemicals, fire, oils, acids, detergents, frost, mold, and salt.

Flooring that always looks incredible, indoors or outside.

TerraTile is ideal for nearly any application

              • Commercial kitchens
              • Industrial Buildings
              • Restaurants
              • Shopping centers
              • Factories
              • Railway stations
              • Food processing plants
              • Swimming Pool patios
              • Spanish Missions
              • Car Showrooms
              • Retail indoor and outdoor.

The natural, slip-resistant, tough, unglazed surface allows for easy maintenance in any environment.

Color Choices

Terratile Color Choices

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Terratile floor tiles come in red, terracotta, cappuccino, and chocolate.

These natural earth tones add warmth to any space and are easy to match with any color in your residential, commercial, or industrial space to combine seamlessly with other design elements.

Please note that color accuracy depends on the performance of your monitor, so we recommend ordering tile samples to decide on the final color. Colors also naturally vary between batches.

Mission Red

Terratile Sizing Choices

The size of each individual tile affects the surface area and the number of total tiles that you need for your project. Each tile is a half-inch thick, ensuring durability and a light weight for easy installation. Tiles come in 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, 20” x 20”, and 24” x 24” nominal dimensions. Choose your tile sizes wisely to fit your project and minimize the amount of cutting necessary. Our team at TerraTile can walk you through the process to help you determine the right tiles size for your space.

12" x 12"
Mission Red

16” x 16”
Mission Red

20” x 20”
24” x 24”

Style and shape Choices

Depending on the project and your own design preferences, you may want tiles that are different from the usual flat square. You can find a variety of style and shape choices to fit your design and project needs. These choices include 12” safety step nose and 12” single bull nose. We also offer 4” x 4” decorative tiles featuring unique designs stamped onto their faces to add an extra touch to your tile flooring.

12” Safety Step Nose and Step Nose
12" Single Bull Nose
Pre-fabricated corner
12” Cappuccino and Red Hex Tile
4” x 4” Decorative Tile

Custom Options

If you want a truly tailored spin on your tile design, we offer custom made 12” by 12” mosaic patterns. These patterns allow you to mix and match the different colors and styles to create a mosaic that will make your flooring truly stand out. We can customize any pattern that you want. Our team can also work with you to develop design ideas that will fit your project and support your aesthetic needs. Contact us if you want to collaborate on a design or need help with a more customized approach to your tiles.

12” Safety Step Nose and Step Nose
12” Safety Step Nose and Step Nose
12” Safety Step Nose and Step Nose
12” Safety Step Nose and Step Nose


TerraTile only uses high-quality clay tiles that have been extruded and kiln-fired. This process creates a warm look with rich colors and contributes to each tile’s durability and longevity. The smooth, natural clay surface makes these tiles perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, from wall masonry to kitchen countertops to patios and barbecue areas. These tiles are also naturally resistant to scratches, dents, chemicals, fire, and fading. Read more about our tile specifications below or read our documentation to learn more.


Extruded kiln-fired clay tiles


Interior or exterior use: Pool and spa copings, barbeques, outdoor countertops, picnic tables, masonry benches, water foundations, masonry wall and post caps, glazed kitchen countertops, fireplace mantels and hearths


Red, Terracotta, Cappuccino, Chocolate


12” x 12” x 1/2” Nominal; Special Order: 16” x 16” x 1/2” Nominal; 20” x 20” x 1/2” Nominal; 24” x 24” x 1/2” Nominal

Actual Size

11 3/4” x 11 3/4” x 7/16”

Edge detail


Grout joint

3/8” recommended


12” x 12”: 4.7 lbs.; Step nose: 5.8 lbs.


Smooth natural clay surface (unglazed)


Notched to provide a better bonding surface


Step nose

Water absorption

7% range


Can use in a freeze/thaw environment if not in standing water

Bond strength

Greater than 50 psi standard


Meets 1% standard allowed on any edge

Facial size variation

Meets 3% standard variance


Meets 0.4” standard allowed


Meets 1% standard allowed

Breaking strength

Meets or exceeds 250 lbs. standard

Chemical resistance

17 day immersion – no visible effects

Modulus of rupture

Exceeds 2000 psi (no standard)

Scratch hardness

6.0 range, MOHS scale (no standard)

Coefficient of friction

Meets 0.6 recommended wet standard

Life Cycle:

Tile floor and paving products are some of the longest lasting products available. A recent study conducted by the Tile Council of North America found tile to be the best value among competing floor covering products based specifically on the price and longevity of the product.

Manufacturing Process:

• Unfired production clay is reground into subsequent product batches.
• No waste water results from the manufacturing process.
• Heat given off from the kilns is recovered and re-used as a heat source for the dryers.
• All fired ware which is not packaged as 1st quality product is re-ground, categorized by color, and becomes an integral ingredient for subsequent product batches.
• Cartons contain the highest % of recycled material available. All cartons are recyclable.


Install tiles from multiple random packs at the same time. Packs should be selected at random from multiple pallets where possible.
Follow the recommended grout gaps as shown in the specifications above.
• Install tiles with underside fixing ribs all running in the same direction wherever possible.
• Flexible 1/2 inch expansion or movement joints should be installed along restrained perimeters of installed area, around rigid interruptions, and every 13 to 16 feet across an expanse of floor or paving. Or follow local standards when available.
Note: For clarification of any point please contact us.
No claim for product defects can be considered after installation.

Why You Should Choose TerraTile

Indoor & Outdoor
Slip Resistant
Incredibly Durable
Multiple Colors
Repels Chemicals

Tiles Designed to Look and Feel Good

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TerraTile Blend, 70% Mission Terracotta and 30% Mission Red

San Juan Capristano High School

San Juan Capristano High School

Walnut Creek Hardware - 12-year-old Entry

Mission Red and Terracotta Mix - Santa Barbara

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"We love this modern version of Early California Spanish Style, and the larger format sizes offered by Terratile really work well for our public outdoor spaces."

(Project Manager) St Perpetua | Lafayette CA

"Terratile quarry floor tile is the smartest investment we made for our business. It is durable, stain resistant and slip resistant and out-performs sealed concrete, and any other indoor or outdoor floor, and is surprisingly affordable."

Dante | Santa Rosa

"We love our patio. We will be back!"

Gary | Los Altos Hills Ca

"If you want a floor to last forever, Terratile is the right choice. Quarry tile has been around for hundreds of years because it is the best and most beautiful floor solution! It is used in Historic California Missions and car showrooms, swimming pool patios and kitchens, both commercial and residential. Our store has had over 4 Million visitors and every one of them has passed over an unsealed Terratile floor that still looks like it did when it was new."

James | Walnut Creek Ca