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Timeless Design Elements

2023 interior design trends are on the rise, and there are a lot of great ones out there. But while they’re fun to explore, there is something to be said for a classic look that isn’t in jeopardy of going out of style or looking dated; a style that you can be happy with for decades, without feeling the need to adapt in order to keep up with the times. But what makes a timeless design?

1. A foundation of natural, high quality materials.

It’s no secret that no matter what type of style we’re talking about, high quality, natural materials are the foundation for a timeless and classic look. These materials are built to last and can endure years of wear and tear beautifully, without looking tired or dingy. Newer, synthetic materials will look modern and potentially trendy, as the world of man-made materials is ever-changing and ever-improving. If your intention is to keep your design for twenty years but not have it look outdated, opt for natural materials. Flooring is an essential place to implement this principle, as it is not only a substantial detail that will take up a good amount of space in the design, but it also needs to be particularly sturdy in order to hold up for years. Terratile’s terracotta floor tiles are an excellent choice for their durability. And as a bonus, although our quarry tiles are all natural and come in natural colors, the earthy red tones can add a vibrance that’s unrivaled with other natural materials.

2. Neutral colors

Another thing to consider if you want to create that timeless look is to keep the crazy colors to a minimum. A very vibrant, colorful room can certainly be fun and youthful looking, but it can soon lose its charm. Again, there are ways to stick mostly to neutrals without having your space look boring. Terracotta, and Mission Red quarry tiles, for example, have a natural richness and vibrance, and they don’t look artificial (because they’re not)! Neutral color palettes still leave room for different shade variations which can add plenty of dimension.

3. Timeless detailing

The seemingly small details can go a long way, too. The detailing in your space can really reinforce whatever style you’re going for- or obscure it if you’re not careful. Think of classic design elements; crown molding, vintage furniture or decor, marble detailing, and built-in shelving all come to mind. These will look seamless and beautiful in a classic design.

4. Symmetry

Lastly, symmetry is an important element to a classic design simply because it’s pleasant to look at. Because our eye is drawn to balance, creating pairs that are symmetrical on each side in your space is a classic set up. This often includes a singular focal point, and pairs set up around it evenly.


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Timeless Design Elements

2023 interior design trends are on the rise, and there are a lot of great ones out there. But while they’re fun to explore, there

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