What Grout To Use With Floor Tile

So, you have your tile picked out and you’re ready to start installing. One important part of a flooring project that’s often overlooked is which grout to choose. It’s important to consider how the grout lines will affect your floor’s appearance, and how that will translate in the space you’re working with. This decision is important, but it’s not too complicated. There are just a few things to consider when you’re picking your grout that will lead you to the right choice, so let me break them down.

What are you going for with the space?

If you’re curating a sleek or minimalist room, uniformity is going to be the way to go. That means you want a grout color that matches or is very similar to the color of your tile. This will make the floor look seamless rather than patterned.

On the other hand, if you like a dynamic or bold look, take advantage of the pattern that tiles create and use a color that contrasts with that of the tile. This will bring in some lines that give a little texture to the space. Still, remember that you chose the color of your tile with intention, and it’s best to do the same with grout. Matching the grout to a color that’s already in the space, whether it be in detailing or as a dominant color, will add continuity rather than chaos.

Keep in mind that the line itself is also important. If your space is modern, a sleek, thin line is a great compliment. If you’re going for traditional, stick to a wider line.

How big is the space?

Another important thing to consider is the size of the space. If the area that the tile covers is big, a very bold contrast could be a bit overwhelming. If it’s small but your intention is to open the space up and make it feel bigger, that bold contrast could close the space.

But if it’s a smaller or medium sized area that your tile covers and you are going for a look that is textured, layered, or eclectic, a contrasting grout line could be the perfect detail to complete your space.

A note on high traffic areas: experts recommend that flooring projects in high traffic areas use epoxy grout for tile floors. This is because it is less porous, making it more durable, and more chemical and stain resistant. Luckily, epoxy comes in a wide range of colors, so this won’t be an issue regardless of the aesthetic choices you want to make for your project.

TerraTile terracotta tiles are great for both indoor and outdoor projects that require a highly durable, easy to maintain flooring option, and their versatility makes them adaptable to numerous different aesthetics that you may have in mind.

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