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Installing Floor Tile With Schluter DITRA

Installing Floor Tile With Schluter DITRA

         Installing floor tile can be time-consuming work. Fortunately, the Schluter DITRA uncoupling membrane provides an easy tile installation experience.  The membrane acts as a cushioned, waterproof barrier between the tile and the existing substrate to protect your floor while providing durability and an easy installation process.  Learn more about the Schluter DITRA membrane by watching the video below!

The Schluter DITRA uncoupling membrane is specifically designed to allow the installation of stone tile over any even and load bearing substrate.

Watch this video to learn about all of the benefits of using DITRA, the history of why using an uncoupling membrane is important, and the functions that DITRA will provide to your tiled floor. You’ll also learn about the different applications that DITRA can be used for and most importantly you will see the proper installation requirements for the DITRA membrane.


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